Welcome to Älvsborg Fortress! You are currently standing where Göta Älv meets the sea, the only place where Sweden meets the western sea. At least, that used to be true until Bohuslän became a part of Sweden in 1658. Guardian of this important site has long since been the old castle Älvsborg, or perhaps now better known as Älvsborgs Fästning, situated in central Gothenburg, east of Älvsborgsbrons southern post.

The Swedes had to pay dearly to obtain Old Älvsborg (Gamla Älvsborg), first in 1570 at the end of the Nordic Seven Years’ War, and then again at Knäred in 1613. This time the ransom was at the great price of 1 million daler silver coins. An outrageous amount at this point in time. The problem was that Älvsborg already was showing signs of age. Additionally, times of worry meant that Sweden might come to need their settlement and defense forces sooner rather than later!