Times of worry

The year is 1643, and without really declaring war, Sweden attacks Denmark. Sweden quickly advances and manages to lay claim to land in several areas. Denmark is gathering its marine forces. The fifth of April 1644 the Danish prepares a counter attack, led by Kristian IV. Order is given on the Danish ships to raise the Dutch flag and sail straight into the Gothenburg harbor, where a Dutch squadron is expected. However, their scheme becomes apparent to the Swedes in time and the Danish fleet doesn’t make it further than to here, to Kyrkogårdsholmen. Kristans plan is to cut Gothenburg off from receiving supplies from the water ways. Therefore, he puts 4 cannons and 300 musketeers to protect his naval forces at Kyrkogårdsholmen. However, word arrives that the Dutch squadron is getting close, and Kristian fears getting stuck in the fjord between the Dutch and Swedish forces. Late afternoon, on the 28th of April 1644, Kristian makes haste back to Denmark, but not before he burns and destroys his entrenchments at Kyrkogårdsholmen.