The construction of Älvsborg

As soon as the Danish retreated, the magistrate in Gothenburg contacted the crown to request a permanent fortress at Kyrkogårdsholmen. Quartermaster General Johan Wärnsköld is tasked with reconstructing the defenses in the area, and the Danish entrenchments are soon restored. However, the plans for a more permanent solution, a fortress, are extremely slow to move forward. Both Wärnsköld and the city of Gothenburg frequently raises the issue with the government and underlines the importance of quickly building a fortress in the area.

In August 1653, almost 10 years later, the drawings are finally approved and the construction can begin. The project is led by the architect himself, Quartermaster General Wärnsköld. However, Wärnsköld dies in 1674 and is replaced by Erik Dahlberg, who sees the Nya Älvsborg to completion. In 1660 the deconstruction of Old Älvsborg is decided and everything of value, including all cannons, are transported to the new fortress. In 1670, Nya Älvsborg is considered fit to be a part of the Swedish defense force.