New blockage 1719

The 20th of July 1719 Tordenskiold, now promoted to vice admiral, has returned to Rivöfjorden with a whole fleet. By 9pm he has successfully placed 36, 16-pound mortars on the island of Stora Aspholmen, north east of Nya Älvsborg. Additionally, he placed another four mortars on adjacent Lilla Aspholmen. That same night he opens fire and Nya Älvsborg returns the fire. 11 danish ships are attacking Nya Älvsborg, and the shootout continues for 28 hours. At this time, the fortress is low on supplies and has a small garrison. Despite this, commander Johan Abraham Lillie refuses to surrender. When a truce is issued at 7am on the 22nd of July, the fortress definitely has seen better days. Tordenskiold continues his attack and places a squadron on the small island Aspholmen, right next door. At this point in time, cannons and mortars are gathered from the city’s bastion, and the Swedes can therefore attack the Danish from the back as well. The Danish are forced to make haste back onto their ships. Again, Tordenskiold tries to put a blockage on the river towards Gothenburg, and this time the blockage remains all of autumn 1719. In the night leading up to the 27th of September, he repeats his attempt of entering Nya Varvet using smaller ships. This time he succeeds. The guards are all captured and the Danish manages to retrieve one of the ships. The rest are burned. With the flames of Nya Varvet behind him, Tordenskiold returns to his ships. On the 22nd of June in 1720 peace is issued between the countries, and so is peace with Russia the year after that.